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  • Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filters

    Premium Gravity Fed Water Filtration Systems

It's Your Health, Pure & Simple™



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Berkey water filters are the best performing gravity fed water filters available worldwide. Perfect for applications ranging from reducing iron and manganese in well water through purifying pond water and producing fresh healthy water from city water. New Millennium Concepts, the manufacturer of Berkey Filters, have been in business for over 10 years and is a trusted name in over 100 countries worldwide. First adopted by people exposed to or in danger of being exposed to impure water sources, Berkey is fast becoming the #1 name for health conscious families in developed countries such as the USA, Australia and the UK. In fact, a growing number of our clients are folks who have been referred to us through their health practitioner and want the confidence of knowing that they are drinking water free of contaminants.

It's "Your Health, Pure & Simple"™
The Berkey water filter is the first system to provide unmatched performance reducing pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites and harmful or unwanted chemicals to non-detectable levels. The filters in the Berkey system not only outperforms other filters, but also reduces toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without removing the beneficial and nutritional minerals needed to support your health. It is the ideal filter for areas on well water where iron, manganese and sulfur wreak havoc with the quality of the water from your well. Sediment and sand pose no problems for the Berkley water filter.

It's Your Safety
The Berkey water filter treats water from both municipal and natural water sources. The Berkey filter is a gravity fed water filter. The Berkey Filter doesn't need electricity and it doesn't need any household plumbing. It is simple, it's reliable and it works when you need it the most. Your take a pitcher, fill the top chamber and pure, clean water is delivered to the lower chamber. That makes the Berkey Water Filter perfect for everyday use and a critical appliance during events such as flooding, loss of power, tap water contamination and other emergencies. It does this using the natural process of the earth, no electricity, no chemicals.

It's Your Money
The Berkey water filter equipped with gravity fed carbon BB9 filters are so powerful it is categorized as a water purifier far exceeding the performance breadth and depth of normal water filters. Add to this the incredible lifespan of a BB9 black Berkey Filter element... 3,000 gallons per element and it just make sense to own a Berkey water filter, especially when it costs less than 2¢ per glass - compare that to bottled water, the math is simple.


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